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‘Staking out a claim’

‘Staking out a claim’

Trebbi Polska Director Arkadiusz Osiński recently provided his expert insight on claim management for an article published in the EurobuildCEE magazine.

In the article entitled “Staking out a claim” Arkadiusz highlights the importance of claims for contractors in the construction industry:

“The key issue for the parties is to observe the terms of the contract. If certain things are not provided for in the contract, claims should be made and letters written to the ordering party that these services are additional. But this very rarely happens. Everybody says: we will sort things out sooner or later somehow. Unfortunately, this is usually just wishful thinking!”

As the article goes on to explain, KPMG’s ‘2015 Global Construction Owner’s Survey: Climbing the Curve’ reports that “less than one third of construction projects in the world are carried out on time and within budget”. As such, firms need to be aware of their options within a contract and realise that whether a profit or loss can be made out of a contract may often actually depend on their ability to pursue claims!

Please click the following link to see the full article: “Staking out a claim” – Eurobuild CEE, Rafał Ostrowski

“Claim Management is a sum of all applicable measures to systematically enforce legitimate claims and debts, and to resist unreasonable demands.” (Wirkus M., Trzciński R., "Effective management of claims in construction industry", p. 2)

Trebbi Polska can offer a full claim management service to ensure their clients maintain their deserved profits on even the most complex contracts. If you have, any questions regarding your past or current contracts please feel free to contact Trebbi Polska and they will be happy to advise you!