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Eurostar Commercial Spaces

Eurostar Commercial Spaces

Since 2012, Bush has been working with Eurostar on sites around Europe, carrying out studies for the space planning and fit out of their offices, and subsequently delivering the complete interior renovation of three sites, one in Paris and two in Lille.

Through this long-term collaboration Bush were able to establish a close partnership with the client and deliver bespoke new office space in accordance with their specific requirements. Bush managed all projects from the very beginning (including dilapidation works) up to a ‘turnkey’ delivery, ready for immediate occupation.

Eurostar in Lille:

Bush’s latest collaboration with Eurostar involved the renovation of two sites located within 100m of one another in Lille’s new business centre and in close proximity to the Gare d’Europe station used by Eurostar trains in Lille.

The space planning, interior design and management of the works were all based upon detailed analysis and understanding of the client’s needs in terms of construction and budget.

Works on the first site (280m²) consisted of a complete renovation, including new furnishings and some very demanding technical installations. However, this was only the first phase of the overall project and this site was later used to temporarily accommodate some of the personnel working on the second site during the second phase of the project.

On the second larger site (350m²) the major challenge was the fact that the staff needed to be able to keep working throughout the renovations. The overall project proved to be a highly complex operation but with excellent communication between client and consultant, combined with detailed logistical planning, the project was successfully delivered to the highest standards without interrupting Eurostar’s operations.